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 Febuary 11, 2008

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PostSubject: Febuary 11, 2008   Mon Feb 11, 2008 8:47 pm

Okay, today started off pretty crazy I woke up with a scratchy throat. No Then I was like oh well scratchy throat I'll put up with school anyway. My legs apparently did not agree with this statement because when I tried to get up to go do all the fun morning stuff I fell on my face. Yes very funny now since my legs are working but at the time my head said WTF ??? is wrong with my legs. But I just told my mom that my legs weren't having school today she said you all right I said yea besides my throat and fever so I went back to bed. Yay body pillow time (no wasn't you this time Erin hehe). But it was someone else I care about hmm tell you all or not sure why not it was Alex S. hehe surprise Alex. But yeah after hours of cuddling with the body pillow it was time for some video games. I tried playing Morrowind for a little bit but i had to sell stuff not very fun at all just moving joysticks and pressing two buttons not a good game. So I put in my Halo 2 and had some fun on there. Very Happy Which btw the game is still running on part of metropolis. Back on with my day lalala. Then I got to get on the computer after my mom left and play my games on here which was awesome. Unification Wars Tribal wars and now Fallen sword < that takes up a lot of time buts still fun. Others are stat based games one is a bit easier to recover from if you get a hard hit the other you have to start over after a bad hit so watch out on that one. Then of course Kelcey had to call to see if she missed anything over the day and I could not tell her cause I of course was not at school. Neither was she poor thing might be out all week. but she made me watch a crazy ballet video where the chick totally kicks a tamborine it was awesome. lol! Then around this time everyone was getting on the computer hence why halo is still sitting there. My friends are way too distracting. But no matter they're cool too. And well that should be it till tomorrow there's funny stories from today but they are not mine. Now off to the damned oral presentation!!!!

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Febuary 11, 2008
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