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 Febuary 13, 2008

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PostSubject: Febuary 13, 2008   Wed Feb 13, 2008 6:18 pm

To start my actual day off I had a problem with my IPod yes I know it won't charge but damn i wanted to listen to that one song and actually kinda needed to. Then I froze at the bus stop but only a little cause he was on time. Then went to school and okay well that drop 7,1 threw me off and I almost went to first hour then had to say "oh fuck me" cause I didn't have my stuff for chemistry. But yea chemistry was cool got the tablets again stupid Powerpoint and got to message Nik a little bit. Then oh god kill me that homeroom was retarded. Let's look at the test none of you really took and didn't have enough time to take well great! But thankfully that didn't actually last twenty minutes. then third hour I got to hear Meagan talk about the Manson family and apparently Charles didn't kill anyone his sisters did. then lunch which was all right got to wonder how badly the tiles would stain from code red mountian dew but didn't actually try anything. Then fourth hour which French was pretty damn awesome and OH SHIT have to study for the quiz we have tomorrow damn anyway... 5th hour was okay just doing my homework the whole time *tear* Erin was moved away from me. Then after letting the werewolf go to french i had some fun in IP which honestly it's like having a 7th class called Dope ED but thank god for that cause i really think I'm not going to do anything unless I have a really fucked up day. then Improve club which was definitely awesome next time I'm going to participate more these things are how people become famous on SNL. Then a walk home oh no psyche Josh is awesome and gave me a ride.

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Febuary 13, 2008
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