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 "I will break into your thoughts"

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PostSubject: "I will break into your thoughts"   Fri Apr 18, 2008 11:13 pm

i feel all crappy. my ear hurts and i was all light headed when i woke up... i just started to feel better...*thinking* im pretty out of it right now...not like i've been feeling much better all week but i felt a load better earlier today. For some unexpected reason.
so besides being sick i also did pretty good on a math test today. I was able to figure out a problem that hilary couldnt and shes like the smartest person in class so i did mega good or at least came close...i think i still forgot to completely solve some of the problems soo i probably didnt do better then a B.
i might be getting a job at a kirkwood camp thing but when i applied i was hoping for more of a current job then a summer job >.< i guess ill figure it all out during my interview on tuesday.
nothing has happened this week. just been doing crappy in classes and haven't done anything productive all week. i got a lot of homework to do and stuff for mr drier and stuff to turn in and stuff. *sighs*
*mumbles* why dont they show any other episodes of john doe? *sighs*
i might go to sleep but my ear kind of out ranks the need for sleep.
laid around mostly. i really do need a job so i can have some form of a life.
So one of my model cars needed a bit of painting done on the dash board and i got the black paint out, ruined a glass cup then used this cool anti-paint *blinks* paint to clean off the paint brush. it worked last weekend. then i dip the brush into the blue paint and i screw it up. i ended having to repaint the whole thing a darker shade of blue and its not that big of a difference.
my mom didn't tell me about my stupid dentist appointment on tuesday at 4 so with my interview at 3:30...and us having to be there before 4...this should be interesting. I wonder if I should tell them *shrugs* oh darn i might be late to the dentist. What will i ever do?
I've been addicted to boxhead. Its the most addicting game ever. Right up there with tetris...
so saturday night, at about 1:30, about 3 hours after crashing I get this crazy call from nik. Although my mom said that she didn't care about nik coming over the next morning. I don't think she wanted to find him sleeping next to me...plus like 15 minutes after this call my brother comes out of his room for like 10 minutes and goes talks to my mom about turning off the internet. I was pretty much asleep at the time so the whole thing is a blur to me but *shrugs* yeah
note to nik- If you just wanted to sleep then you could've come over. My parents wouldn't care if you just going to sleep...They just don't want you over and like us being up all night. Next time just be quiet and come in through the back door.

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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"I will break into your thoughts"
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