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 Too many saved ims >.<

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PostSubject: Re: Too many saved ims >.<   Sat May 03, 2008 11:08 am

T DreadPirateNik: baddabadda?
T DreadPirateNik: *hiffhiff*
T DreadPirateNik: *hiffhiff*
T DreadPirateNik: *baddabaddabaddabaddabadda*
KaidenShiba: hmmmmm
T DreadPirateNik: how rang
T DreadPirateNik: or rather requsted me to
KaidenShiba: rang?
KaidenShiba: *juicebox*
T DreadPirateNik: *you
T DreadPirateNik: *you rang
T DreadPirateNik: * have half my vision right now I can't see too well
KaidenShiba: ahhhh
KaidenShiba: i know the feeling
KaidenShiba: and ehy dont you just put on your glasses?
T DreadPirateNik: cause they're busted
T DreadPirateNik: they wont stay on my face ;-;
KaidenShiba: tape?
T DreadPirateNik: not really
KaidenShiba: ahhhh
T DreadPirateNik: the arms are bent akwardly where the screws go in, so they are like permanently bent outwards
T DreadPirateNik: plus i'm missing the nospeices
T DreadPirateNik: plus the perscription's too weak
KaidenShiba: and just putting an new contact in would be completely out of question?
KaidenShiba: ahhhh
T DreadPirateNik: lol, I don't -have- any more contacts. I wear hards.
T DreadPirateNik: They cost $45 a pop to replace.
KaidenShiba: damn
T DreadPirateNik: yep
T DreadPirateNik: 2nd time this has happened, too
KaidenShiba: you should get a box
KaidenShiba: wear did you get theme at?
T DreadPirateNik: umm i got tested at pearl vision and i got them at sams casue they're cheaper
KaidenShiba: ah
KaidenShiba: how did you guys get caught, lol, i just surprises me that you got caught
T DreadPirateNik: Well I dunno if I got caught for that actually. I thouoght about it later and I just walked in an the lady said i owed her a detention, she didn't say -why-
T DreadPirateNik: It might have been becasue I was late a lot last week X-D
T DreadPirateNik: and they got caught cause they all walked in at the same time from outside the courtwayd, lol
KaidenShiba: lol
KaidenShiba: were they just unlucky?
KaidenShiba: *feels like god is actually watching over her...creepy*
T DreadPirateNik: lol yeah
T DreadPirateNik: they were lucky
KaidenShiba: lol nice
T DreadPirateNik: oro unlucky as it were
T DreadPirateNik: *yawn* to tired ot think straight
KaidenShiba: yay! she updated!
KaidenShiba: seems like it
T DreadPirateNik: who did what?
KaidenShiba: this author, shes like the coolest
KaidenShiba: she wrote a new story
KaidenShiba: http://www.fanfiction.net/u/1124109/sakura_h aru
KaidenShiba: they're usually rated t+ for very obvious reasons. but they're funny as hell
T DreadPirateNik: lol nice
KaidenShiba: well *shrugs* shes like an adult so i don't know why the heck she writes them when she could write dirty porno books
T DreadPirateNik: lol because dirty porno books are dirty Razz
KaidenShiba: but they'd probably be good
T DreadPirateNik: yeah well, to each his own. maybe she likes having a teen audience better
KaidenShiba: maybe she just has a thing for kakkashi sakura more then her own characters
KaidenShiba: He’d crushed her, though, in the café she’d vowed never to step foot in again. It took only two ridiculously short sentences for him to excise her heart and stomp it carelessly under the heel of his sandal.

“I’m allergic to strawberries. I thought you knew.”

The expression on his face was even worse. Though it was still sometimes hard to get a read on him, Sakura was sure she saw a deflating mixture of disdain and amusement flicker across his visible eye.
KaidenShiba: She had rushed to make the best of a difficult situation.

“I didn’t realize. I’m sorry. It doesn’t matter, though. It’s just giri choco. I’ll just give it to Naruto.” She’d blinked several times, then picked up the plate and hurried to a nearby trash bin. “You know what? I’m sure they weren’t any good.” She’d then tipped the plate’s contents into the trash, and impulsively followed them with the dish itself.

She’d rushed out the side door, without even a glance in his direction, and had worked hard to stay out of his path in the days since. He’d stopped by her office, she knew, several times, but as a senior medic she shared a receptionist, who, she’d soon learned, was very skilled at turning away unwanted visitors.
T DreadPirateNik: *readreadreadreadread*
T DreadPirateNik: mmhmm?
KaidenShiba: good?
T DreadPirateNik: mmmm yeah
KaidenShiba: thick
KaidenShiba: i think her other one shot was better though
T DreadPirateNik: Hmm which one?
KaidenShiba: annual physical
T DreadPirateNik: o-o uh oh
KaidenShiba: “Just a minute.” She picked up the overflowing basket of dirty laundry that sat on the kotatsu. “I’ll be right back—I apologize for this.” At least the room wasn’t still littered with ramen cups.

Kakashi reached down to pick up a small, striped garment that had fallen from the basket.

“Shimapan? Nice.”

“Get your hands off my underwear.” She felt the heat rising to her cheeks and was sure that she must be red as a beet by now. “Hentai,” she muttered as she hurriedly left the room to dump off her belongings. She returned to find Kakashi sitting peacefully where she’d left him, a small but blissful smile on his face. His expression undoubtedly had something to do with thoughts of striped panties.
KaidenShiba: yeah, i told you they were t+
T DreadPirateNik: *rolls eyes* I've seen worse, but not worse taht are quite as well written i think
T DreadPirateNik: save maybe 2
KaidenShiba: waht? you go looking for these kinds of stories?
T DreadPirateNik: No, I just get linked to them randomly by friends like you X-D
T DreadPirateNik: Hey do we have a teacher in our school named chapley O_O
T DreadPirateNik: *shapley
T DreadPirateNik: **Shapleigh
KaidenShiba: is that the correct spelling? cause then i dont
T DreadPirateNik: nvm we do
T DreadPirateNik: Sorry something wierd came up and I freaked out for a second
KaidenShiba: really? why?
T DreadPirateNik: And yeah no, I just have older friends that read that kind of stuff
T DreadPirateNik: Oh, I was browsing an image board and a bunch of anonymous people were posting in a thread about math questions and all od a sudeen one of them was like 'Hmm do you have Shapleigh?' and I freaked out
T DreadPirateNik: btw, we do
T DreadPirateNik: O_O
KaidenShiba: ahhh uh huh lol nice excuse
KaidenShiba: really?
KaidenShiba: i thought i had heard it somewhere but *shrugs*
T DreadPirateNik: Hmm do you know chris elbring?
KaidenShiba: heard his name and thats it
T DreadPirateNik: hmm ok
KaidenShiba: why?
KaidenShiba: isnt he in my grade? or at least older?
T DreadPirateNik: 10
T DreadPirateNik: yeah he's a sophomore
KaidenShiba: i think he went to my middle school, lol
T DreadPirateNik: nice
KaidenShiba: well *shrugs* i know the name
T DreadPirateNik: yeah I found him
T DreadPirateNik: lol
KaidenShiba: lol really?
T DreadPirateNik: that was an adventure
KaidenShiba: and?
T DreadPirateNik: I say taaht and posted a reply that said "woah kirkwood person wtf'
T DreadPirateNik: and he eventually told me it was him and now he's trying to guess who I am
KaidenShiba: lol tell him i said "good luck"
KaidenShiba: tell him to search up your username on google
T DreadPirateNik: lol I don't think it renders anything...
KaidenShiba: yeah but i did that with your other username and got your devaintart account, lol
T DreadPirateNik: oops X-D
T DreadPirateNik: There's nothing there anyway, lol
KaidenShiba: lol
KaidenShiba: really?
KaidenShiba: thats useless then XD
T DreadPirateNik: naw, i can browse the site and see other peoples stuff
T DreadPirateNik: lol nothing I do is good enough
T DreadPirateNik: though I porbably should have posted al;l my stories pn there when I had teh chance o-o
T DreadPirateNik: oops
KaidenShiba: lol nice
T DreadPirateNik: *yawn* crap I need to read something before I go to bed
KaidenShiba: then read away
T DreadPirateNik: yeah but then I need to go to bed
KaidenShiba: kay
T DreadPirateNik: meow?
KaidenShiba: meow?
KaidenShiba: ally is going to go take a shower
T DreadPirateNik: why do you take showers so late?
KaidenShiba: i like to
KaidenShiba: i hate taking showers in the morning, then i hav eto blow dry my hair and that sucks
T DreadPirateNik: So? take them earlier
KaidenShiba: well i've been sleeping lol
KaidenShiba: usually i stay on to talk to you or rp or something
KaidenShiba: anyways, tonight has been odd
KaidenShiba: brb
KaidenShiba: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/3625193/10/Collection
T DreadPirateNik: what do you mean, odd?
T DreadPirateNik: aww shit i gotta go
T DreadPirateNik: my mom's gonna unplug my interweb
T DreadPirateNik: *hug* night ally
T DreadPirateNik: oh by the way
T DreadPirateNik: my fuel pumps busted
T DreadPirateNik: don't know how much it's gonna cost
T DreadPirateNik: no fun at all
T DreadPirateNik: Cya tomorrow
T DreadPirateNik: btw I'm still wearing your hat XDDDD
KaidenShiba: u suck
KaidenShiba: *hugs* lol
KaidenShiba: your fuel pump? damn, that can't be good
T DreadPirateNik: thanks, so nice to know that you're honest XD
T DreadPirateNik: Night ally.
KaidenShiba: XD thats my key trait
KaidenShiba: night
KaidenShiba: and if you want to know the answer towhy its so odd then *shrugs* just gonna have to find me tomorrow and ask

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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PostSubject: Re: Too many saved ims >.<   Sun May 04, 2008 8:49 am

Okay I didn't read them cause I might go insane knowing you two but that is way too much

This is Magician Kingdom!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Too many saved ims >.<   Sun May 04, 2008 10:39 am

I know and theres 14 more! this was only the first 4... I got a new laptop but my harddrive doesn't fit in it so i have to figure out something to do with all my files and stuff.
*sighs* i don't really wanna delete the saved ims cause most of them were saved for a reason...*sighs* but some of them i saved for the heck of it

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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PostSubject: Re: Too many saved ims >.<   

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Too many saved ims >.<
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