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 "So small that it will never be possible to detect them."

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PostSubject: "So small that it will never be possible to detect them."   Mon May 12, 2008 11:16 pm

I had to do a power point on how nuclear power is better then any other energy source. I never really was for it till I learned about in Mr george's class but now its something I believe is better for the world. Its not really dangerous, i mean, its about as dangerous as the wind turbines are to the bird population. And unless you're an idiot, its not dangerous. You'd have to do something really dumb to make it dangerous. Since its basically an atomic bomb, once you mess up, its gonna do some real damage.
Nothing really happened today, I tried to meet up with glori and nik but that didn't work out. I'm really just bored to death so I'm posting, lol.
I might not go to my 4th hour exam since we're taking half of it on the senoir skip day (i think on friday). Without being there I will pass the class with a B, that means if I score 0 on the final, it will not have enough of an impace to fail me. Which rocks cause that means I one less thing to worry about and if I need to, I can do something else during that period. At the moment, it looks like I'll be finishing a world history during that but im not really sure. My mom might kill me if i don't show for it.
Tomorrow should be interesting since my mom is dropping off the lexis for my 7th hour cause we have to like flim us working on the car and stuff. My group is a bunch of idiots since none of us talked and we don't know any of it XD. We're basically screwed i think cause we almost didn't have a car till I suggest my car. and yeah.
*shakes head*
Mr dier is busy tuesday after school or something so i can't do the oil change then -_- and instead i have to do it thursday -__- (sooo unfair). So i have to bring the other car up on thursday...maybe i can get dawn to help me cause i have no idea how to do any of it XD and she probably knows better then i do.
Then I'm done with chemistry *YAY* I have to go in on wednesday and that'll be my last day. I finished my project so I'm seriously all done with it. If I can still get a pass from the lady in the office then I'll go ahead and leave a few minutes early *evil smile.* I'll make faces at dawn or find something equally productive to spend my time XD.
well i'm gonna go to sleep, i'll probably add something to it.
and i basically have to be on time tomorrow *goddamnit* so i'll see everyone tomorrow morning.
I was going to add something...oh yeah, i really missed listening to the band staind XD but thats really a whole other story. theres a huge back story to that...

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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"So small that it will never be possible to detect them."
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