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 Friday May 23rd - Saturday May 24th

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PostSubject: Friday May 23rd - Saturday May 24th   Sat May 24, 2008 1:31 pm

hmm ya, havent posted in about a week on these lil daily events so ya here goes...

yesterday, friday, at school, usual schtuff went on w/ classes and i am definitely gonna pass my english final which is awesome! but i have to study hard for my world history final *ugh* i cant go through those 2 sessions of summer school nyeh..

so ya, um.. after school kristen brought me and glori over to ally's house and we had fun IT WAS HILARIOUS
during the 10 mins kristen was over here, the bird kinda went to the restroom on her, me and glori almost accomplished throwing her in the pool until glori gave up after kristen was clinging to josh (whom arrived a few mins after) and she won =(

she left... but the trip to ally's was fun... we had the music on and she kept driving like a crazy person stopping real quick at stop signs but i had a lil fun

so ya... we played w/ da bird some more... played gh w/ josh n stuff uh... was on the computers for a while talking to ppl. ate tacos and burritos for dinner YUM!!! and i had some awesome kool aid which gave my hyperness

we made plans to go see the movie 21 and i loved it.. it was funny, had some action, and an awesome scene between 2 ppl that lasted 10 seconds XD

so.... glori, me, ally, nik, and hannah all went to see it.. me, g, n ally got there a lil bit after it started of course twas fun except the first 5 mins we got there ppl talked *cough-u guys-cough* lol

afterwards we had to drop of nik and hannah gave us a ride and nik gave a few incorrect directions which was ok b/c it was more time to spend w/ hannah n nik and its usually fun when they r around =P

uh... we headed back to ally's after saying g'byes to nik n getting hugs n stuff
during the ride back, we had to do a huge u-turn and i was like wtf?! cause i was ready to fall asleep lol so it was like a "woah" effect haha

we got back, said g'byes to hannah
uh... was on the computers for a while as ally was playing gh

ally fell asleep first, then me and glori continued on the computers at like... early in the morning
after talking to nik for a while on fb, we both agreed we would sleep so i slept on the fake n awesomely cold rocks for bout 10 mins then stumbled to the pull out bed cause was comfy
g continued on the comp til like.... 4:30 am she said lol
and nik ended up sleeping at 4 altho im pretty sure he was supposed to get up early for something

saturday, 2day

i woke up at 10:38 n ally was on the comp doing schtuff
we all got on comps after resting for a while, ate doughnuts and had some weird-tasting choco milk
went back to comps and are still on 'em while g is playing a game she downloaded
and ally fell back asleep and is currently sleeping and lightly snoring HAHA

so ya... thats bout it til my plans for later 2day go into effect and i get to hang out w/ a certain someone and have some uber awesome fun and i will definitely be 100% happy but only for that time of hanging out then i hafta eventually go home ='(

k thats it for now
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PostSubject: Re: Friday May 23rd - Saturday May 24th   Sat May 24, 2008 7:01 pm

it was a lot of fun and we'll probably do it next week too but i'll stay up this time!
and actually it was hannah and mines' fault for the u turn cause we both kind of had trouble reading the paper and we both suck at directions and stuff XD

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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Friday May 23rd - Saturday May 24th
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