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 Friday, May 30th and June 1st, This Morning

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PostSubject: Friday, May 30th and June 1st, This Morning   Sun Jun 01, 2008 12:38 pm

so ya... friday was the absolutely best day ever =]
i got to see everyone which was good
we got to swim and i brought matty with me to the pool party <3

i had fun tackling erin and paul
we all used water guns to attack each other
madeline added a lot of crazyness/scaryness to the party XD
i spent most of the time in da pool hanging around matty which is always fun Wink

eventually nik, madeline, steven, erin, and paul had to leave
ally h. had to go to work and afterwards brought us food
but that was only after we were all out of the pool we all played a lil guitar hero
and spent some time on the computers

some of us eventually got tired which was no surprise
so g slept on the floor while me n matty shared the couch and i forget who
but someone felt they just had to throw a blanket over us XD (nothing happened)

after bout an hour greg, the two allys, g, and ranada went back in the pool
(me n matty stayed inside the house)
they were out there for at least an hour til we decided to see what they were makin so much noise about
turns out they were just messin around bein weird n stuff

they got out after another few minutes, we all talked for a lil bit, then suddenly... 5 minutes later....
BOOM there was thunder, lightning, rain, and hail the size of peas
and we all ran to the sliding door thinking it was still open and matty ran into it and it shattered
i didnt hear it but when they all turned around, i saw matty bleeding A LOT and i was like O.O O...M...G..

we had to walk around the house so that we didnt have to go through the broken glass door
where there were a million tiny sharp pieces
it was dark and matty didnt have his glasses so i had to hold his arm and lead him around to the front door

i was muddy, wet, and gross outside after the rain
the hail felt like needles on my shoulders n legs *OUCH*

surprisingly, matty was completely calm cause he's all religious and stuff
since im the lil athiest friend, he was like, "now this could be a sign for you, cause i could've fallen on the glass and died, but i didnt"
i was like, "tru, tru"

after gathering his stuff together and wiping the blood off him and putting cloths over his 2 major wounds,
me, him, and ally's dad drove him to the hospital
once we got down to the emergency section of it and got in and signed him in since his parents were there,
his mom was like, "the doctor said only his family members are allowed to go in there so u should go home"
and i didnt wanna argue w/ her and say i would wait the few hours it would take so i went ahead and got a hug from matty then went back to ally's house

me, her, and greg were the only ones left at the house except for when nik was there to pick up his stuff
i got hugs from him and he left but he didnt seem to happy

i ended up being the only one who stayed the night but it was fun
i was on the computer for a while as she went to sleep

i left at somewhere inbetween 8:30 and 9 am cause ally had stuff to do...
when i got home, i ate then went back to sleep

had fun yesterday but this morning was completely different... i almost died

i got up real early to go and use the restroom but on my way down the stairs i tripped and fell and tumbled down
apparently every one was a heavy sleeper that morning cause no one got up
i was knocked out for a lil bit cause i remember waking up to blood running down my face,
i was really dizzy and my vision was blurry, and there was a ton of blood on the floor
i couldnt find the cut so i just cleaned off my face and the floor and went to go eat and then back to sleep cause i didnt want my dad to freak out...
my muscles are aching from the fall and i had a huge headache but just took some pain pills so its fine for now

im awake again and i feel fine so im just happy that somehow i didnt die

now its to the point where its like... ok, i hit my head real bad, im not supposed to be alive right now w/ my condition....

what's the reason??? was it just a miracle??? i dont know what it is but b/c of me still being alive.. its making me start to think there is "someone" or "something" up there... cause it would've been a ton of luck if there isnt

now im telling you all this now...

ily my awesome friends and i will see u next time we hang out <3
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PostSubject: Re: Friday, May 30th and June 1st, This Morning   Mon Jun 02, 2008 2:20 am

Oh my god Carla! *hugs really tight* I'm so glad you're alright!!! >.< What's going on with everyone getting hurt?!
But...wow. When I read this I totally stoped breathing for a moment. I'm really relieved nothing serious happened although it sounds pretty bad. You better be alright! *sighs* I love you and if anything bad happens you better always remember that. <3


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Friday, May 30th and June 1st, This Morning
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