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 Wednesday June 4th 2008

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PostSubject: Wednesday June 4th 2008   Wed Jun 04, 2008 10:59 am

To day is Wednesday so that means it's pay day yayz! Other than picking up my check today I have nothing to do so. if you are as bored as me meet me up at McDonald's between 2 and 4, post a good time for you before 1:45 so I can plan around it. Other than being bored as hell I hope today will be a good day cause i want it to be a good day so it better end up that way. So have a good day y'all and hopefully I'll run into you or make plans.

So Then I sayz to her i sayz a cammel with a hump that small coundn't fit in a door that big.
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Wednesday June 4th 2008
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