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 Feb 20 2008

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PostSubject: Feb 20 2008   Wed Feb 20, 2008 7:36 pm

I went with my dad on monday to dump all the wall stuff at my grandpa's work (they have one of those big trash cans and its easier to dump it all in there then to bag it and have like 10 bags of trash for the garage truck). Afterwards we had lunch and stuff. My grandpa was saying that my cousin was like over weight and all this stuff and truthfully, she had gained weight but the only difference was that she didn't look like one of those super skinny models in trainings. She was gaining all this weight because she started taking birth control...So you know that means shes doing it and enough that she needs to be on the pill. My grandpa always compares her to me so when he was trying to think of something for me to do after this, he thought of going shopping.
Shopping with my dad.
Yeah, that'd be fun. When he told my dad this plan, he found it funny. Instead of going to the mall or something and shopping for clothes, we went to the comic book store since it was nearby and stuff.
Unlike Drake and the rest of you guys, blogging and ranting about stuff really isn't my style.

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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Feb 20 2008
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