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 February 22

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PostSubject: February 22   Fri Feb 22, 2008 8:43 am

So, no school!!!
i'm still questioning if my parents decided to sleep in or if we actually don't have school. My dad from home on friday so he probably doesn't mind sleeping till 8. Then my mom won't have to get up till 11 since she doesn't have to take my brother in...shes been working on art stuff lately.
anyways, i talked to justin and he doesn't believe that the relationship will work for the craziness reason. you wouldn't even believe me if I said it. Then we both like have a life so we can't even hang out this weekend. *sighs* how can this be so difficult? now i see why i don't date.

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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February 22
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