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 The month that could be hell despite how cold it is

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PostSubject: The month that could be hell despite how cold it is   Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:06 pm

So this month has had it's good and it's bads whether hell is real or not eternal damnation or not this month can almost compare. Fighting loving and spending time with friends and oh yes that lovely 6 letter word. F-I-N-A-L-S yes Fuck I Never Actually Learned this Shit. I don't know how much I really don't remember these finals are going to be the first ones that I actually have to give some effort at home grr about that. Especially French cause I will beat myself if I do badly in French this year. Mostly I think it's my lack of homework turn ins so we'll home the final goes well and I can just not be a slacker next semester. Yes yes I do apologize for neglecting this but as I have said it's better to leave you in the dark for a while then make you comprehend half my life at once. Keeps you guys coming back haha you're under my control. No but seriously just remind me and I'll post more often Seko asked me to come back the other day here I am posting Smile. But yes yes I know I'm posting while I'm not at school well who cares. I'm not coming for review for the dip shits day I'll take care of myself. No offense to those of you that like reviewing but i detest it. And oh yes I love how Ms. Grimes is a hoe bag because she definitely gave us less than 15 class periods to fill over 500 inches of a poster with pencil while it also looks good. Um yeah bitch that ain't happening then she decided to assign a still life as well so fuck that bitch can't wait till I'm done with her after tomorrow. fucking old whore she should've stayed in retirement because she can't plan time very well anymore going by the fastest kids is bullshit. Do math classes keep up with me? um no they don't so yeah she needs to hit the brakes on her next class. But fuck her then i'll do the shit crappy get a crappy grade because she can't plan time for shit. That's fine I'll take the bullshit that gets handed my way. But so far that's this month I will get another one rolling after finals, I promise.

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The month that could be hell despite how cold it is
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