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 Friday - Today (Monday): Ah fuck.. i missed a few days but u know what? they sucked anyways

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PostSubject: Friday - Today (Monday): Ah fuck.. i missed a few days but u know what? they sucked anyways   Mon May 18, 2009 6:13 pm

lets see.. friday i went back to school cuz i am no longer contagious
it was a sucky day
everyone though i was suspended or somethin

got home and went to jordan's house [w00t!]
(another guy i REALLY like)
had some "fun" heheh and after that he kinda pissed me off
i went to talk to his sister and did that then went back down stairs cuz noticed he was angry
he was like "I like you a lot BUT i never EVER date ppl who r friends w/ my sister"
so ya.. she is an awesome person but if i wanna date him, i cant talk to her or hang out w/ her... ever
and i was like "why?"
he said "if it ever turns out that i break up w/ the person, i wouldnt want them to come over just to hang w/ my sister cuz i wouldnt want an ex around and cuz my mom said i cant date my sister's friends because of that"
i was like.. "thats fucked up"
and he was like "well thats the way it is so pick"
and i chose him but was stupid and made plans to hang w/ her that following sunday cuz he'd be working

saturday i went to a relative's wedding then stayed the night at a cousin's house where we watched porn, and drank hellaz lol!
i called jordan and he seemed pissed cuz it was past 12 and he was tired from workin
he hung up on me then i called him back
he was like "have fun hanging out w/ my sister tomorrow"
then i felt like crap
hes angry w/ me and now barely even talking to me
we didnt even start going out yet and he was like "im done"
lol how could u be done w/ something when there was never a serious relationship even started yet?

so after that, slept in a recliner
got home inbetween 2 and 3 pm
ate some food
hung out w/ my friend amber

sunday i barely did anything other than txt ppl hellaz

today (monday) had school
it sucked cuz had to max out on hang cleans in weight training
turns out i can lift 60 lbs

got home
checked stuff on myspace, facebook, and myyearbook
went to the grocery store
checked stuff on the internet
on here again but this time posting
drinking my venom energy drink *yum*
waiting on ppl to txt me back
hellaz bored

im available to hang out tuesday, wednesday, and friday
so let me know asap if you want to hang out

bye pplz <3
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Friday - Today (Monday): Ah fuck.. i missed a few days but u know what? they sucked anyways
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