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 Naruto- lord pain?

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PostSubject: Naruto- lord pain?   Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:55 am

how can you trust someone named pain? like how could you let them rule your nation?
theres a reason why hitler's family changed their last name after he killed himself. It just would never get them anywhere...like everyone would expect something bad and point it out the first time they noticed.
so if theres this guy named pain, sort of ruling the nation is it possible (considering how all the other hokages don't really like he all that much either) that he's not planning on helping the nation? that hes actually going to take over and be all powerful and stuff?
idk i guess if things are just that bad then i would understand but still...you'd catch something like that and be a bit nervous about it.

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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Naruto- lord pain?
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