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 tuesday 26th

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PostSubject: tuesday 26th   Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:25 pm

Well, once again, didn't get any sleep because of bad dreams. It turns out(which some of you already know) that we are getting an addition onto our house and I am going to get a ginormous room with my own bathroom and yes a jaccuzi bathtub!

It started with the tip of a pen, and becomes the stroke of a sword. - just showed up on tv and sounds really cool.
Anyway, I am working on my research paper for Benham, due friday. He made a bet with the whole class that if I turn in my paper on time aka friday, then the class gets a study hour instead of class. I missed one assignment this project, so he is gonna look like an idiot when I turn it in. The rest of the class's projects are not very good, so mine might even be one of the best lol. It is really tedious, so I am taking a break to check out the forums.

Is anyone else getting ridiculous amounts of mail from colleges? I get like 3 a day and they are such an ego boost.

"Your accomplishments have caught my attention. You're a lot like our students - high achievers, active leaders, in control of their futures. Like you, they want to change the world."

--I am checking them out just because they are so nice, even though they sent that to a billion other people lmao.

Oh well, back to the research paper. No
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PostSubject: Re: tuesday 26th   Tue Feb 26, 2008 7:30 pm

Ahh, I remember when I got college papers. I still have like a freakin sackful cause I told my dad to just set them aside cause I never had time to look at them, but then after about 2 weeks suddenly a whole shitton just flew in at once. So now I have like hundreds of college letters and haven't looked at any of them but feel too guilty to throw them away.
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tuesday 26th
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