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 "I want you to stop lookin' like a fool!"

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PostSubject: "I want you to stop lookin' like a fool!"   Wed Jan 20, 2010 1:08 am

ever feel like your life just repeats itself?
up until like *checks watch* 9 minutes ago, i thought this year was going fairly better and differently then the last. I thought things were different and better then they have been. But idk maybe they're just going to keep repeating till i'm physically not in the same place i was the year before...idk, maybe my mind is just set that i'm still like a sophmore, maybe its not, idk things were just starting to get back to normal till i guess tonight...?
*sighs* i'm not even talking about the picture thing (don't ask if you don't know, you really don't need to know if you don't)
i know i'm not the same person as i was sophmore year, theres been a lot of drama that has changed that but theres just this one reminder that happens every year for me and i just don't know sometimes. i just don't trust him this time. i don't want to try, i don't want to deal with his 'whatevers' or his 'okay', its just not cool. its never been cool.

this wasn't a good first post of the new year, i needed to rant for a moment. lets start over.
you guys need to come back and to start posting more lol

right now i'm working on a painting of a frog...its my way of avoiding having to actually study for my math test tomorrow. the worst part about having math first hour, is having it no matter what, before homeroom so you actually have to study. Tomorrow isn't a bad drop...the only way i could ever have a prefect drop is if we dropped 1 and 5...then i wouldn't have to do math or pe. that would never happen though so i guess i'd just have to live with a drop 1 and 2 or a drop 4 and 5... a drop 3, 4, would not do me any good. it'd be a wasted drop for me cause then i would just not have art for a day.

now that i think about, a drop 1, 2, would be pretty good....

then erin would have to be at school like a few hours early *evil laugh*

thats probably the only rest why i wouldn't want a drop 4, 5 lol

*thinks for a moment*

i hope that both of the half days are like a drop 1,2,3 so erin has to come as long as the rest of us...nothing against erin but she should have to come to school just as long as the rest of us sometimes too lol although then ranada would be getting out before us...and thats not cool...hmmmm *shrugs* this works lol

*yawns* *sighs* i'm pretty tired and i can't get my mind off him so i'm just going to go to bed. night everyone Very Happy

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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"I want you to stop lookin' like a fool!"
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