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 "A Jewish professor teaching Hitler to act"

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PostSubject: "A Jewish professor teaching Hitler to act"   Thu Feb 04, 2010 12:12 am

So i've picked up on this bad habit of smoking cigarettes...if there was one thing that i could be truthful about it'd be my smoking habits. I don't really smoke pot cause i don't really get a high from it. And idk why i smoke cigarettes sometimes. Its just something that i've kind of gotten used to...Or I've gotten used to the idea that if i smoke then it'll help the stress of the day. I how thats all its supposed to do along with slowly killing you but idk...i still smoke. i don't even think i'm addicted, i think i just do it cause i can sometimes...
Yesterday after 6th hour i met up with rosie and hung out with her for an hour and we just sat in her car playing games on each other's itouchs and smoking. I only smoked one since i smoked before meeting up with her and idk...i cant continue to reak of the stuff...allie hellmuth smelled it on us during art club...shes pretty trust worthy so im not worried about her calling up erin and telling her about it cause there are a million things she'd rather say then that. Its not like its anything new either. I've smoked before. I was offered my first cigarette the summer before sophmore year by tommy and erin slapped me afterwards. Last year after erin and i got in our fight I was over at Qs house and smoking cigarettes with his sister...Rosie was there and I offered her one and she took it...gave it a try...i don't think she liked it but she didn't turn it down either.

i don't really know what to say right now cause i know i hurt someone and its just hard to fix it...idk it was hard and i talked to hannah and idk its nice to hear something good. it really helped...and idk...i dont really know what to say besides that i'm sorry.

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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"A Jewish professor teaching Hitler to act"
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