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 "That Just Makes it Way too Easy"

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PostSubject: "That Just Makes it Way too Easy"   Fri Mar 26, 2010 3:08 am

So I had this dream last night (i think i'll just make posts about dreams from now on since its a good topic...not a drama or a 'this is my life' sort of topic but a dream topic)
I was at a different school and I was like talking to the school principle just about stuff. I really didn't want to be there cause I was at a different school and it didn't seem like it had been my choice to switch schools and anyways, *clears throat* I was there talking to him, trying to get out of my AP classes. He was like "So I'm gonna put you in AP art and english." and I was just like "no thanks, I just want to be in a math and a PE class."
He was really confused by that.
I explained; "I only took those classes cause I like the teachers and the people in the class."
He was still confused.
"I can't handle AP classes if I don't know the teacher or the other students."
and I guess that wasn't reason enough for him and I went to art class and it sucked cause the people I usually sit with weren't there. Everyone I was used to wasn't there. It was weird. I just wanted everything to be the same again.

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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"That Just Makes it Way too Easy"
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