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 Highschool and how the four years effect teenagers

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PostSubject: Highschool and how the four years effect teenagers   Mon May 10, 2010 10:33 pm

Well here it was the last Monday of the year and I was sitting in our office with 3 other kids. No I was not in trouble, the library was closed and I wanted a quiet place to hang out. But there we were four seniors who supposedly would be friends. And yes I took it into account that two of them were studying for test today but still it felt very Breakfast Clubish. A jock, a brain a princess and well me were sitting in the office. ME and teh jock were the ones not studying but we didn't say a word to each other. Then the only thing said between us was after the brain inhaled sharply and said, "I don't wanna take this test" and I replied, "precalc?" She nodded and the silence returned. It was just really weird to think that after four years of going to the same school there couldn't be more conversation than that. Made me sad though I don't really have any dislike towards any of them yet the reality of high school is that you can't be friends with everyone. But being friends and being human with each other are different. And that is what was missing today. It felt like we weren't even the same species and there was no possible way to communicate. Yeah yeah sounds weird but I'm just saying it's what it felt like. That is just not how things should be I mean in the real world are you going to be silent when the people around you aren't in your "group". That just would never work so I was just wondering how the world will accept these four kids or me I guess it wasn't like I started a conversation at all. But still just seemed like we had either became over stressed because of the end of school or we had lost the happy go lucky kids who would make friends with anyone. Either way stress or just losing those kids over four years that's something I really hope changes. No one should have to be silent in a room of their peers friends or not. Guess it's a good thing I've been working my way back into believing in something bigger than myself
because alone I don't know if I can push the changes that I would like to see but having the help should come in handy at least someone to give me the push or just to help everyone else by pushing them to just be a little more human with each other because if we're not working together we're working against each other and that just will never end well. Been a long time since I posted but it feels good to get some thoughts out Smile Night everyone even though I'll be up for a bit.

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Highschool and how the four years effect teenagers
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