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 "Guilty Pleasures"

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PostSubject: "Guilty Pleasures"   Sun Jul 11, 2010 8:43 pm

Isn't that what writing a blog is all about?

I just wrote a really short post on my livejournal because I didn't really have anything to post. Everything is over right now. Theres nothing for me to worry about. For a while I was worried about guys, I wanted to date someone serious and I wanted it to be good but then I'd be dating these guys that were good but they weren't what I wanted. Then I met this guy who's just perfect. Like I think the only bad thing about him is that he doesn't text me enough and I feel like I annoy him...but then he'll text me and be like 'I feel like I haven't seen you in ages' and I just think to myself that its fine. He can't be that annoyed with me if he misses me after a day of not seeing each other. I could go on forever about how well its working for us. I have no idea what we're going to do when he goes to college but for at least the next month or so our relationship will be fine. Its different to be in this sort of relationship cause its not like the thing that happened years ago where it started bad and never really ended, or like one with these random guys I've dated over the years cause its actually working. It just works. Like perfectly. Meg probably knows too much about my dating life now but I can get over that. Like I can't even consider cheating on him. I've thought about it with other guys and its not really a big deal but its really hard for me to even think about kissing another guy. Just because I don't want to tell him that I did. Idk.
I feel like I'm bragging to the internet cause I know no one will ever read this.
I'm stressing a bit about my AP grades but either way everything will work out, right? like I know I did better then I did last year with my AP art so I did pass that. I didn't do terrible at english. No idea if I passed cause I was completely stressed out that day. Depending on if i pass it or not, I might be in intro to college writing or college writing 2...So its like i'm either below my class or above...But I don't know until I get my grades back.
Besides that I could have a job at gamestop next month...Or at starbucks... I don't like this whole 'no job' thing. I feel kind of lazy for not doing something productive everyday. Or not getting something done. It makes my day drag on cause I could be doing something but instead I'm on facebook playing farmville.
I really need to stop playing farmville...
I'm not too worried about school cause I'm doing just fine. My art skills definitely aren't dropping....I'm thinking about doing a watercolor sketch book since they usually enjoy my sketch books. So i can bring my sketch books from the past two years which is mostly black and white pencil drawings, and also have this amazing one with color and pretty pictures lol.

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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"Guilty Pleasures"
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