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 long time no talk lol

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PostSubject: long time no talk lol   Wed Sep 29, 2010 4:16 pm

its been almost 9 months since i've been on here cuz the whole drake thing since i miss him like crazy.
i cant say im over it but as long as he's happy i guess its alright :/

onto the update...

single as usual.
living in fenton again which is 5 minutes from kirkwood
my sister maria is moving in.
i got me a dog.
his name is peanut.
hes a miniature pinscher.
i miss yew guys!!!!
i have a new cell #: 3147327670
feel free to text or call me to say hi and catch up on other things
(drake dont be a butt about be being back on here)

went on a trip during the summer to c a friend of mine Smile
hes amaaaaaaaaaazing and hopefully i'll be able to make the friendship turn into something more
i could go on for hours talking about him but i'll just describe him w/ one word : Perfect <3

i might be working at buffalo wild wings soon Smile
i haz an interview saturday

i dont even kno if any of u still post on here or look on here cuz college stuff but feel free to read on lol

im not going to college until fall of 2011 cuz i wanted a longer break than just 2 months.
including the fact that i need to save up money for college.

i dont really kno what else to mention or say
i guess if u have any questions, just post ur replies on here.
ily guys!!!
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long time no talk lol
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