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PostSubject: Update...again   Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:41 am

i got me a boyfriend
been dating since the 17th
he is going to basic starting this sunday

my plans over the next year or two:

he will visit me in december
he'll spend a few days up here w/ me so we can find a place for us to live
then we're gonna go to oklahoma and i'll be there til his christmas break is over and he has to go back to finish basic
after i unpack at his place where he stays w/ roommates, we're gonna go to austin, texas for a lil road trip.
probably gonna go to the beach while down there Smile
then when i get back, i will work my ass off earning $$ for college
he will be finished with basic some time in march, so he'll have to wait to see me til may when i finish up some things i need to get done
we will move in together somewhere close to st. peters since i will be attending le Cordon Bleu college for Culinary Arts
when i'm finished w/ that, me and him will go to the base where he will be stationed at and i will live there with him
it will most likely be in a different state, so i wont c u guys at all..... ever
eventually after saving up enough money from my career, i will open up a restaurant
once he is done with about 6 years or so of being in the army he will start up the business he already owns
then after that, whatever happens will happen

even tho i will eventually be leaving you all behind,
i will be happy, so i hope you will be happy for me that i will finally be starting my life the way i want it

i miss you all!!!
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