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 Bored in meteorology

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PostSubject: Bored in meteorology    Mon Nov 08, 2010 2:02 pm

So I'm in my meteorology class bored outta my mind right now and I has something to rant about cause im still pissed off about this one thing

So on October 28 I got arrested for trespassing at the sculpture park after dark (at 8:30 according to the police report) So that something i have to deal with. My court date is December 15. I think its stupid that the park ranger wants to press charges. and while he had me pulled over he was looking for something else to pin on me. When he handed me my copy of the police report, i asked him to clearly rewrite the court date, and he said have you been court before; have you murdered someone before. In retrospect I now relilize how out of line this park ranger poor attempt at humour was.

But I digress, overall life is good and I have no complaints

So Then I sayz to her i sayz a cammel with a hump that small coundn't fit in a door that big.
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Bored in meteorology
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