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 "for a sweet talker, yeah"

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PostSubject: "for a sweet talker, yeah"   Sat Mar 01, 2008 12:41 pm

So Wednesday... school was school. then there was after school class that was fun. Last week this one guy asked for Meagan's name and i'm like just ask her. He asked her and she said that my name was hers and hers was mine. lol the idiot that he couldn't figure out that it wasn't true. So he was calling meagan, ally and i'm just sitting there, silently laughing.
After class meagan went home and i went to the library to meet up with tommy. Then we went to get hilary who had found justin on the way. (SWEET) Tommy didn't know i wore contacts (whats with everyone asking me about wearing contacts?)...We went to get them then hilary and me did our homework real fast. It was like speed math with us, but we only did half of the work since we didn't have a calculator. The guys were just sitting in their chairs, waiting for us. (I think I should stop here...) Her mom came and got her at 6, and she left then i asked tommy why he didn't just get a ride with her and he said that it was because they weren't suppose to be dating, or like her mom wasn't suppose to know. And at that moment, her mom came up the stairs.
Tommy was just like *open mouth*
her mom "Wheres hilary?"
me "Shes outside."
he mom "Oh." Turns and leaves. "Bye"
together "Bye"
but she like didn't say anything, just yelled at hilary for not wearing a coat...lol...tommy and justin went smoked then tommy got a call that he had to be home so when my dad picked us up in the trunk, tommy was squished against the door. his head kept hitting the window. poor guy.
hilary said that her mom didn't know anything about it, and didn't have a problem with it either. And apparently her mom doesn't care anyways.
lol so we worried for nothing

i just found a good quote from freaky friday for the nice post "Some psycho freak" XD

ever google yourself and find posts from 3 years ago??
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"for a sweet talker, yeah"
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